CAB’s Weekly Movie

Showings for La La Land will be in the Student Union theater at 6:30 and 9 p.m. tonight.

Southeastern’s Campus Activities Board set up an on campus movie for students to attend. CAB chose the award winning movie La La Land for students to enjoy.

The Southeastern CAB has weekly movies for students to get together and enjoy. CAB shares this weekly event on social media with the hashtag “#cabmovieseries.”

Kayla Rodgers, a nursing freshman, has attended the CAB weekly movies in the past and has enjoyed the nights she has gone. Rodgers said, “Being a freshman, it’s hard to find activities to go to. This activity is my favorite because it’s something to do, but it’s not something too insane or difficult to get to because it’s on campus.”

Amanda Costales, a sophomore computer science major, is very involved with on campus activities. Costales said, “Of all the activities on campus, I think the CAB’s weekly movies are one of the best. It’s something simple.”

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