Give Me a ‘Spring Break’ & Show Me The Money

Money is always on the minds of college students, especially when the reprieve of Spring Break is right around the corner.  According to a Southeastern UReproter survey, 57.1 percent of students have plans to travel and 42.9 percent plan to stay home.  For those that plan to travel, their destinations range from Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, and Colorado.   

Students have been planning for Spring Break for some time now.  Whether staying home or traveling money still has to be considered.

Max Mazik, a junior Communication major at Southeastern Louisiana University said “My financial situation plays a huge role in my spring break plans. The reason is because I do not have that much money to go to places like Florida or the Bahamas. So, I will just hang out here.”

The survey found that 54.3 percent of students planned to spend $100 or less during Spring Break.  This places them in a similar situation to that of Max. Since money is always a concern for students many have chosen to take this time to hang out with their family, catch up on school, work, or hang out around the house.

Freshman student Victoria McMasters said “I’m just staying home. Hopefully i can work more hours since most people will be out of town. So more money for me.”

Some also chose to spend their money more wisely by using it for necessities rather than go on a trip.Emily Chase, a senior Communication major said “I’ve been saving to go car shopping instead of taking a vacation.”

Some students chose to pay for Spring Break themselves. “It is playing a big role since I am paying for it out of pocket, but it isn’t anything I can’t pay for,” according to Matthew Reed a junior communication major.

Some may have chosen to go out of town as a reward to themselves for making it this far into the semester. Spring Break has been a cultural right of passage for students and its a great way to unwind after midterms.

Shane Rawlins, a Special Education major said “We only live once and you have to feel alive.”

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