Getting to know our SGA president

As a fourth year student of Southeastern Louisiana University, Alexis Quackenbush is not only a student, but a representative for the student body of SLU as the student government president.

The president described in the SLU student government association Constitution says, “The President is the identifiable head of SGA as chief executive.”

Some of the responsibilities as president of SGA include sitting on multiple committees on campus, within the community and throughout the state. The president is the go-to student representative for many organizations and faculty.

Her first year at SLU she joined the Freshman Leadership Council. Quackenbush was later elected into the SGA Senate. Her next year she was elected as the Senate Vice-Chair, then during her third year she became the vice president of SGA. Now during her fourth year she has been elected to represent the student body as president in the SGA.

Being President is a huge honor! It’s fun, but busy. It can sometimes be difficult to prioritize school, SGA and my social life. But I manage and I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Quackenbush said.

She has been involved with student government since high school. She joined the SGA because she wanted to get involved on campus and be apart of making it better for all students.

She is a member of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority as well as the Order of Omega. Being involved with many committees on-campus, off-campus she is apart of the Rotary Youth Leadership Award as a camp counselor.

Through being apart of all these organizations and sorority, Quackenbush is always interacting with the students on and off campus, reaching out to find what students want and need to make SLU better and more enjoyable for everyone.

“I truly believe SGA works well to make changes for students. Our members within SGA are very diverse and bring different ideas and problems that we may not notice,” Quackenbush said.

Being president of the SGA she is a member of the Council of Student Body Presidents which meets about two to three times a semester at different schools in Louisiana learning how to make the university better.

Some projects that Quackenbush has helped oversee changes on campus include the reconstruction of the Railroad Park, the Student Union Park and other improvements to the campus.

Students are always welcome and encouraged to reach out to the SGA if they ever need any help or ever have any questions. Alexis Quackenbush always has her door open for students if they ever want to speak with her or learn more about her involvement in SGA.

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