Getting Noticed On Social Media vs. In Person


Okay ladies, it may sometimes be difficult or nerve wracking to get the attention of a guy who we are madly attracted to. Many times women will think of ways of getting the guys attention but for some reason he still does not notice her or at least the signs she is trying to give off, which will lead the guy to definitely friend zoning her.

The gift of social media has made getting someone who he or she is attracted to attention much easier.  But, not all prefer the help of social media to get accepted or declined.

“I prefer a guy to notice me in person because he has the opportunity to introduce himself,” said Kalaia Tripeaux, a 20-year old college student at Southern University of Baton Rouge. “He can ask me my name, maybe exchange numbers and possibly move forward from there.”

Tripeaux, who prefers not to use social media at all for her own personal reasons stated social media in her opinion is not a good place for anyone to notice you. “Social media can have a negative image which can portray something that you are not,” said Tripeaux. “Someone else can be texting you rather than the person who you really think you are texting, similar to the situations that happens on the television show Cat Fish.”

“I think it’s better if you get a guy to notice you in person,” said Realitee Payne, a 21-year old college student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. “Most of the time on social media people don’t posy how they look on an everyday bases.” Payne mentions how people tend to post their best photos and try to present the best side of themselves.

Brianna Burras, a senior at Xavier University preferred in person over social media as well. “Social media is not the answer to things, and that is what people fail to realize these days,” said Burras. “Lives can be falsified, you can look like you have everything together but in reality you don’t.”

“The only time I rather in person is if the guys comes at me first, so I definitely prefer social media if I’m the one who is going to approach the guy first,” said Terrese Cooks, a 20 year old LSU student. “If I’m not following the guy on social media I will find out his information and follow him.”

According to the Huffington Post, social media can be used sometimes as a background check for your potential bae. “Whenever the guy accepts me on social media, I would scope out his page make sure he doesn’t have a girlfriend first, reading the comments under their photos will give you majority of the answers you’re looking for and then I would like at least three or four of his photos to get his attention,” said Cooks. “He has to come visit my page to see who’s liking all of his photos and from there I just wait for the millions of likes back on my photos then shoot my shot.” stated that when meeting someone in person there is an easygoing excitement to whatever may happen next, whereas meeting someone online comes with a “this better be worth my time” feeling. “Getting someone attention in person will give a more genuine and natural impression because you can’t hide your flaws in person as much as you can through social media” said Tripeaux. “On social media you can hide all your flaws with a dramatic amount of filers.”

“Go up to a guy, introduce yourself and remember you do not have to start off flirty,” said Burras. “Honestly from what I have experienced, you play it cool with these guys nowadays you will eventually get their number because they think you are cool, but it is up to you at one point to make it known that you are not one of the bros, because they will friend zone you quick.”  She believes it is better to get to know the guy first instead of automatically coming off as a flirt, which happens a lot on social media. Liking many photos of one person will eventually give off the impression that the person may actually be interested and like what they see.

“I feel like if I get a guy’s attention in person, he notices me,” said Payne. “He is seeing me as what I really look like and I also feel like it’s more genuine when a guy notices you in person because then hopefully he will actually put in effort to talk to you face to face instead of sliding in your DMs.”

“In person, I don’t do anything,” said Cooks. “I’m shy and would not know what to say but the only way I would know what to say is if I was approached first by the guy, I would just let him do most the talking and if I’m into him then, I will give him my number.”

Cooks also mentions that she thinks it is more of a rejection problem. When on social media, getting a guy’s attention it is easier to make excuses such as “maybe he didn’t see it” or just forget about it because no one witnessed the attempt. Whereas in person, a person will never know who is watching them.

Getting a males view on what moves he prefers to make and why, Ernest Robert, a 21-year old college student at Jackson State Mississippi stated that he would rather get a females attention in person because so many guys in his generation are used to going to social media to approach a female. “I think everyone does the liking of the photos on social media and heart eyes to get someone’s attention and if I do that, she might just think I’m just like everyone else who don’t have enough courage to approach a lady in person,” said Robert. “If I didn’t know you at all, I would definitely ask someone about you and yes look at you on social media but I would not use that to get your attention.” Robert also states that meeting and connecting with someone in person will allow you to feel that person’s vibe.

If someone is considering getting to know someone in a special way, they must take into consideration the way they will approach a person.

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