Get Connected With Reconnect of Sociology and Criminal Justice

Wednesday, Oct.28, the organization Reconnect hosted their first Farmers Market in front of Southeastern Louisiana University’s Student Union.

The Farmers Market was a huge success for the farmers and group members that encouraged Southeastern students to get involved with the event.

Reconnect partners with local farmers and vendors to bring local, sustainable and chemical free foods to campus. Reconnect believes that individual’s money should go to local farmers, instead of food corporations that participate in genetically modified crops.

“It was my first time ever attending a Farmers Market and it’s convinced me that maybe I should join Reconnect because the group members come off as being genuine,” said Dominic Nelson.

Reconnect succeeded in providing information on the purpose of the Farmers Market to students who were uneducated on the topic.Fresh fruit and vegetables were appealing to many students of Southeastern.

Southeastern’s student Haley Baker said “supporting Reconnect Farmers Market is not only my school spirit to show my support to the organization, but also it is nourishment to my body.”

According to Cultivating a Healthy Food System there are plenty of reasons to support Farmers Markets such as: supporting family farmers, tasting real flavors, protecting the environment, knowing where your food comes from and protecting the environment.

Reconnect’s purpose is to advance environmentally sustainable projects on campus and to provide education about environmental sustainability said Dr. Burley at the Farmer’s Market.

Reconnect is on Facebook where supporters can like and obtain information on the organization concerning their upcoming events. Reconnect meets every other Monday at 5:15 p.m. in  Fayard Hall, room 303.

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