Germany’s Army examined during World War II.

The legacy of the German army during World War II is that of brutality and bloodshed. The German army failed to protect their home while trying to conquer Europe and the legacy of their army during World War II is ultimately failure. Professor Paul Wilson of Nicholls State University delivered a lecture entitled “Perspectives on the Germany Army in World War II” on April 11.
The German army embraced the idea of war of motion known as blitzkrieg. The Germans believed that movement and constant attack on the battlefield would lead to the enemy being surrounded and annihilated. Wilson explains blitzkrieg as … “[the ability to] destroy their ability to wage war as quickly as possible.”
In 1934 Hitler gains power in Germany and is named Fuhrer. German officers accepted Hitler’s ideologies because it fit with the will of the German Army. Germany in post-World War I was expanding and the German generals desired to expand their territory.
Nazi ideals took over the German lifestyle. Wilson said, “Reality is filtered through Ideology.” The ideas of Nazi party and Hitler lead Germans to war and conquest. Loyalty from German army was gained through Hitler’s bribes of high ranking generals and the promise of territory and power in Europe.
German soldiers were loyal to Hitler swearing a personal oath to him. Hitler and the Nazi party ideals inspired the German soldiers. The propaganda of Nazi Germany said that the will of the army will secure the victory.
The German army’s peak during the second world war was during 1939-1941. The German army defeated the weaker armies of the Norway, Netherlands, Belgians, Greece and France nations.
The German army began to falter and fail in the invasion of the Soviet Union during 1941-1943. The German army lost almost all the major battles they fought in.
By the summer of 1943 the Allied Powers created superior tactics and used their greater resource amounts to defeat the German army on the battlefield. Wilson said, “1943, Germany should have realized they were going to lose this war.”
Germany 1914-1945 saw 2 loses in 2 world wars. The military loss from was substantial (2 million in WWI and 5.5 million in WWII) and civilian loses went from thousands to millions of casualties.


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