Game night is a success


Students play Smash Bros.

Southeastern’s Press Club and National Broadcast Society put together a game night on November 18; in the old Student Union on the second floor and the guests took up three rooms. The focus of the night was a video game tournament.

The tournament featured brackets for three different games: Super Smash Bros U, Super Smash Bros Melee,and Mario Kart. There were over 30 people signed up and playing that night with ages ranging from 12 to 25. The competitive spirit was palpable. The top prize for each game was $50 cash and a custom trophy.

There were six televisions set up across three rooms. There was a room dedicated for casual gaming as well featuring multiplayer games like Mario Party and Wii Sports. Also in the casual gaming room were complimentary snacks like popcorn, brownies and cupcakes.

Jeremy Rhodes commentating

Jeremy Rhodes commentating

Student and video game enthusiast, Jeremy Rhodes, commentated during the tournament. His commentary made everyone laugh and join in on the fun of watching. He provided some details and player analysis between matches so that even non-gamers could follow along.

The tournament raised funds for both Press Club and NBS. Press Club President Heather Rogers said, “Game night was a huge success. We had plenty of food, space and games for everyone. Next year will be even better.” She said that she plans to have more games next year.

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