Game Night relieves stress and provides fun

[HAMMOND]- As midterms become the anxiety of every student on campus, the Campus Activities Board provided a way of escape with game night.

Its third game night this semester in the Student Union Theater. It was held on Oct. 13.

“We try to do it as much as we can to get the students involved,” said Event Manager Brennan Sarah.

The games at the event included board or card games like Monopoly and UNO. CAB came up with the idea for the event just by the abundance of board games that they had on hand.

“We go through the closet and saw we had multiple things in the closet,” said Sarah. “We decided we wanted to have a game night since we had a box of board games. We did it once and we thought ‘why not do it again.’”

Students could have provided their own entertainment from their home at the event, but no students decided to do that. 

“Students could bring their video games to the theater,” said Sarah. “You can bring your console and play on the projector screen.”

Students were able to socialize with other students and hang out with their friends while playing the games. Music played in the background and the campus as while students played. Drinks and popcorn were provided as snacks.

“I am really enjoying it,” said freshman engineering technology major Jacob Held. “It’s just good to relax and hang out with friends. The game we played is Red Flag/White Flag. It’s a good way to chill out, cut up a little bit and make light fun of each other.”

CAB had to prepare for Gumbo Ya Ya for Homecoming Week, and it will host a similar event next month.

“It’s called Trivia Night basically you have teams of four to six and you just answer questions that we provided and you win a prize for it,” said Sarah.  “Prize has not been decided.”

To see CAB’s monthly and weekly schedule visit their page on the Southeastern website.

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