Game Day For a Golden Girl

Southeastern has many on campus organizations. Golden Girls is one of them, they give tours to incoming football recruits. The girls provide a friendly welcome to the players and their family. Tours are usually conducted on game day so the recruits and their family can see what Southeastern football is all about.

The girls usually have meetings the same week as the football game, so they can address what’s going to happen during the tour that day and how many recruits will be there.

In one of the meetings the girls made sure to educate members on how each tours should go. The girls were provided with a hand out of do’s and don’ts of Golden Girls.

Last Saturday the girls gave a tour to recruits and their parents despite the rainy weather. The girls had a sign up booth in the Dugas Center, which is the athletic building on campus, during this time the recruits and their family signed in and get their name tags. 

Recruits and their parents watching the Southeastern football team highlight tapes.

Recruits and their family watching highlight tapes of the Southeastern football team. 

After the sign in process the recruits go upstairs to watch highlight  tapes and meet the coaches.


Head Coach Ron Roberts introduced and welcomed everyone for coming out to see the Lion Football experience.   He said,

“We play the game with passion, we play with excitement.”

After Coach Ron Roberts finished his speech, Assistant Football Coach Brandon Lacey who is

Daijah Anderson, Michelle Brown, and Destanee Smith pose for a picture before they start the tour

Daijah Anderson, Michelle Brown, and Destanee Smith pose for a picture before they start the tour

also the recruiting coordinator and the defensive line coach came up to introduce himself and introduce the other coaches. Coach Brandon Lacey works  with the Golden Girls, when he introduced the girls he said,

“The Golden Girls are an extension of the football team.”

The girls introduced their self to everyone by telling their full name, their major, and their classification.

After, the introductions the girls took the recruits to the weight room, where Director of Sport Performance Brandon Howard talked to everyone about the football players workouts and their daily routine through the week.

The girls showed the recruits the athletic study hall. This is the part of the tour where the boys and their family learned what is expected academically for a Southeastern football player.

On the last part of the tour the recruits and their family got to experience the beginning of the football game from the sideline.

Destanee Smith a Senior Psychology major said,

“Even though, it’s raining we still try to give the recruits a good experience at the game.”


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