Freshman commuters have parking problems


[Hammond, LA] – Southeastern Louisiana University is facing challenges in the Fall 2016 semester involving freshman parking. As of right now, there are 7,319 parking spots available on campus. With 1,612 freshman hangtags issued and exactly 1,284 freshman commuter parking spaces available on campus, the statistics show an unfavorable imbalance of spots available.

Students parked in the grass as a last resort and accepted parking citations in order to get to class. The head of student parking, Cora Von Aspern, said in regards to given citations, “The beginning of the semester is always the highest number given and low number given at the end of the semester. In the middle of the semester, the average of citations written daily across campus equal [roughly] 50.3.” Parking citations cost anywhere from $25 to $50.

Freshman student Brittany Johnston said, “I live in Slidell and commute to school every day. This morning I spent 20 to 30 minutes looking for a spot in the freshman commuter parking lot and never found one. I missed my class and drove all the way back home. It’s really upsetting that I pay to go to school here and I can’t attend my classes sometimes because I have nowhere to park.”

Students like Brittany are asking for more spaces to be available to them and hoping Southeastern will resolve this issue.



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