Free Freal Shakes

At about 10:30 a.m Feb. 22 outside the student union, Freal handed out free shakes, smoothies, and shirts.

Freal’s table full of free shirts waiting to be handed out.

Freal worker said “We’re doing this to help promote the Freal machine inside the Union [next to Mooyah].” 

Students could order any free shake or smoothie. Flavors ranged from cookies’n’cream to strawberry.

Once students ordered their free frozen snack, they had the chance to receive a free t-shirt if they followed Freal on Instagram.

Victoria North, a sophomore education major, said “I was walking to class when I saw the table filled with t-shirts. I had to see what was going on. I didn’t expect to order a Cookies n cream shake that was delicious. I would totally get a shake from Freal again.”

Gabby Scioneaux, a sophomore kinesiology major, said “I ordered a mint shake between my classes today. It was pretty good. I would probably order it again.”

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