Flexibility of Online Courses

Students no longer have the option of just having to learn from a book. According to a 2009 meta study from the Department of Education: “Students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.” Students who mix online learning with traditional coursework do even better.

The internet gives students the opportunity to enroll in online courses, while still being able to communicate with each other as if they were in a classroom. Internet courses require more discipline and self-motivation than traditional courses that meet face-to-face.

Michelle Hall, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment, said that enrollment for internet courses has increased  over the past year at Southeastern.

Gregory Hills, a sophomore, has taken several online courses at Southeastern. “Online learning has provided me with the opportunity to learn new technology, freedom and convenience,” said Hills. I have also learned to be more focused, self-motivated and disciplined when it comes to getting my schoolwork completed.

Catherine Vicks, a junior from White Castle, has taken many online courses. “It’s more comfortable being able to work at home or any place that I choose,” said Vicks.

Sheila Franklin, a senior, says she enrolled in three online courses this semester for the first time because she has a full time job and a full time life.

“I am a full time student, manager and mother, so I needed to enroll in every internet course that I could,” said Franklin. “I thought it would be difficult for me at first, but it turned out to be really easy.”

“Personally, I didn’t do so well in my first and last internet course,” said Charles Freeman. “I learned students must be self-motivated and disciplined to have their assignments completed in a timely manner, so it may not be a good idea to take courses online if you’re as lazy as I am.”

One method of determining how well internet courses might work for a college student is to consider all of the benefits and disadvantage before enrolling.

Click here for a list of internet courses offered at Southeastern

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