Five Steps That Will Help You With Your Acting Career

 Now that production companies are bringing opportunities to “Hollywood South,” residents can hop on the entertainment band wagon. These five steps will make you the competition rather than making you the one competing.

According to Terence Rosemore, a native New Orleans actor, the most important step when starting an acting career is to get experience on a set. There are plenty of opportunities to be an extra for movies and shows being shot in the New Orleans area.

Being an extra is especially great for those who have no idea how a movie is produced. Rosemore said, “It can either ruin movies for you because now you know how all the tricks are done to make your beloved movie, or it can give you a greater appreciation for how a movie is made. However you feel after your first day on set will determine if the movie making business is for you.

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Open Casting Call line for Lee Daniel’s The Butler in New Orleans

There are plenty of casting companies in the New Orleans area that are looking for aspiring talent that will take on the most important job of the movie—the background.

While filming the Butler, Lee Daniels told his background extras, “You are the most important part of the movie! Without you, a movie would not feel real. So make me believe.”

The second most important step is making connections. The old saying, “It’s not what you know but who you know” is very true in the entertainment industry. While on set, it is important to talk to as many people as you can.

Rosemore said, “The AD (Assistant Director) should be your best friend on set. The AD will be a director one day and will be looking for talent he can trust to make his vision come alive.”

The third most important step is to get acting lessons. The main goal when starting an acting career should be to get represented by an agency. Agencies will not represent new talent without experience on a set and without some acting lessons according to Rosemore.

After getting acting lessons start putting together a resume. Building a solid resume is the fourth most important step according to Anne Masey. Masey, Fame Talent Agent, said, “Your resume speaks for you since you can not and that is why it is important to list all of your experience, training and skills as neatly and professional as possible so talent agencies know you are serious talent.”

The last important step in beginning an acting career is to have your talent represented.

An actor/actress must have an agent if they are going to audition for major roles. Only talent agents know about lead castings, so if an actor/actress does not have an agent then he or she will be limited to extra work until they do get representation according to Rosemore.



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