Firefighters continue the fight

The great flood of Baton Rouge overtook everyone but what happened when a fire station is overtaken by it? District 6 Fire Department knows the answer. This department covers 17 square miles and averages almost 2,000 calls a year according to the chief, Joel Hancock.

The District 6 Fire Department has two locations. There is one at the corner of Prescott and Lanier in Baton Rouge while the other one is on Mickens Road.

“We’re real tight knit and family-orientated,” Jordan Ashford said. He has been a part of the department for two years. Ashford started at a different fire department before arriving at District 6 and has stated that it is very different from where he used to work.

Hancock has been the fire chief since 2001, but has been in the fire service for 33 years. “The most thing that I’m proud of as chief is what happened after the flood,” he said.

The fire department had eight inches of water. “We were like everyone else. The station took water. During the process, they cut money so the fireman had to step up and do all the work themselves.”

According to Captain Kade Lipscomb, who has been a part of the fire department for eleven years, he went through the experience with his brother. His brother is a fireman as well. “It was pretty neat to do it with my brother. Other than that, nothing was fun about the flood,” he said.

Lipscomb and Ashford stated that the flood was long. “There were two firemen that actually got water in their house and they were stuck in the fire station. It was rough,” Lipscomb said.

The fire chief and assistant chief were able to save three people during the great flood. During the flood, Hancock went to save a dog from a flooded house.

“We had the owner’s boyfriend on the boat with us. We’re going down the street and we hear some people say that they were stuck in the tree. If we wouldn’t have gone back there to get the dog then they wouldn’t have made it,” Hancock said.

The flood was difficult for many but the fire station was able to bounce back with ease. The station is now fully functional and currently the station is seeking for citizens to vote “yes” on the current tax so that the fire station can continue to function completely.

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