Library foot traffic picks up during finals week

As students prepare for finals, Starbucks and Sims Memorial Library has seen an up rise in foot traffic. Offering extended hours during finals week, both campus facilities are guaranteed to see their fair share of business. As finals take place Southeastern has offered a tremendous amount of help to aid students toward their success this semester. On the first and second day of finals the Student Government Association offered a Stress Less breakfast for students between 7:00am and 9:00am. All students wIMG_8527ere encouraging to go to SGA for all testing items such as blue books, scantrons, and pencils. It twas the night before finals… and student were out, enjoying a late night breakfast at Southeastserns’ All-You-Care to eat restaurant before heading back to their happy study place.


“This year I studied in the library since it’s a quiet place with less distractions” says student Amairi Cordova.

Settling in place, students filled tables, cubbies, and computer areas throughout the library. Whether studying alone or in a groups, one thing


Group studying in the library.

was for sure, they were studying. Face down in their books, students were still open to talking about finals weeks. With interviews from students and workers from Starbucks and Sims Memorial Library. They shared different views on the same topic of preparing for finals.


While some were just beginning their final preparation, others were ahead of the game. Amber Joy says “I tried to do my study guides in advance, but I wish I would have started off stronger in the classroom so that finals would not be as stressful.” Although students may have gotten the early start on study guides and pre-prepping study materials. Some took it a step further by actually studying for the exam a week in advance so, that they would not have to cram the information in during final week. Those students just wanted to just simply read over their notes before the exam.


Students studying at Starbucks.

Interviewing random students at the library and Starbucks. They were asked a list of questions such as, what did they changed last semester to help better their studies for finals. Some students stated that they studied early or simply done nothing. When the same students were asked what would they change about their study habits, some also stated nothing. Studying or not, with just 1-day left for testing, finals are whining down and the semester is coming to a end for all southeastern student.

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