French Quarter Festival


[New Orleans]- The annual four day French Quarter Festival was held on April ninth through the twelfth in the French Quarter. This festival is the largest free music festival in the U.S. Several stages for music was set up throughout downtown. People gathered from all over to attend this tradition which started in 1984.

Different kinds of food booths are gathered in Jackson Square and along the boardwalk. People enjoyed many types of foods and specialty drinks. A vast variety of foods are available for purchase. The foods consisted of specialty dishes from restaurants with in the local area. Men, women and children of all ages attended this continuous four day and night event.

At night, the festivities rolled on to Bourbon St.

The city was filled with family, friends and street performers. The entertainment during this festival was wide in range. It consisted of street dancers, brass bands, silver men, drag queens and much more. Face paint, palm readings and henna tattoos are available for those who attended. Bars, restaurants and shops throughout the city are open for people to come in. Beautiful paintings along the gates of Jackson Square are presented for everyone to see. Horse and buggy tour rides are very popular throughout the city and are offered at the festival. Going to the festival which is located in the heart of the city allows people to experience the authentic New Orleans traditions and culture.

“New Orleans is not your typical type of city,” said Emily Lapeyrouse a local native of New Orleans, “It is filled with excitement, culture, and wild experiences.” She says the city is one of a kind. Emily Lapeyrouse attended the festival on Saturday with friends and family. Even though the weather was not as great as she hoped for, she said the rain did not keep her from enjoying this time. She had a wonderful day and enjoyed every second of the French Quarter Festival. Emily Lapeyrouse plans and looks forward on attending next years annual event.

“As a first timer coming to the French Quarter Festival, I was surprised at the New Orleans atmosphere and what it had to offer,” said Claire Miles who is originally from Australia. She came to the States to attend college and for a weekend road trip with some friends, they made their way to the French Quarter Fest. Staying in a hotel in the city, they got the full New Orleans experience. She said she was amazed by the people’s friendly disposition and southern hospitality. She said the festival was unlike anything she has ever experienced. The partying and live music was thrilling and thoroughly refreshing.

“I am so excited to be back in the city and be able to experience once again the culture I grew up on.” Kamri Demourelle expressed how she has been away from the city for awhile, due to the catastrophe of hurricane Katrina. She does not get to visit as often as she would like but during her spring break she was able to travel back home to New Orleans to attend the French Quarter Festival with her friends and family. Her and her family went to the festival all four days and was thankful for the time they had which brought back memories of her coming as a child.

Overall this festival was a major success. Even the gloomy and rainy weather could not keep the people from attending. The happy and lively spirits of the people who gather to attend this festival truly make the festival great. The reason this festival is such a hit even since 1984 is because people thoroughly enjoy it and continuously come back year after year to experience this one of a kind festival. The word is if you have never experienced the French Quarter Festival, it is definitely one to consider attending. This festival will surely not disappoint you as many of the locals say. Come and join the people of New Orleans in the future years.

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