Farmers Market Features a True Taste of Italy

Dat’s Italian offers gourmet pizza with all quality, fresh ingredients cooked right before your eyes.

Dat’z Italian Wood-Fired Pizza is a True Taste of Italy!

With flour and fresh tomatoes imported from Italy and other produce locally sourced, Dat’s Italian brings a delicious and unique twist to pizza.

If not booked at another event or festival, Dat’z Italian Wood-Fired Pizza brings its unique pizza creations to the Saturday morning farmers market in downtown Hammond. This pizza features all fresh ingredients, each pizza artfully designed from scratch. Shelly and Joe Forte own Dat’s Italian and have been bringing its service to Hammond, where it first began serving publicly, for about three years.  

“I love the Hammond farmers market because we have a following. Our breakfast pizza is very popular. I love experimenting with out of the ordinary and unique flavor combinations and love being able to showcase my new creations here,” said Shelly Forte.

Family in Walker, Louisiana and friends in Hammond first brought the couple to the Hammond farmers market and the loyal and friendly Hammond community is what has kept them coming back. Especially due to their unique breakfast pizza, Dat’z Italian has found itself a substantial following here in Hammond.

“It’s awesome and fresh and unique. I come to the farmers market almost every Saturday and I get pizza their pizza as often as I can,” said, customer and Hammond local, Cassie Ragan. She said her favorite pizza to order was undoubtedly the crowd favorite, the sunrise breakfast pizza.

Dat’z Pizza can also be found at various events and festivals, cranking out up to 1,100 pizzas over the course of a three day event.

Shelly and Joe Forte have recently been looking for a location in downtown Hammond where they could open up a permanent residence. Opening a pizza restaurant in Hammond has been on their hearts for a long time now and they are eager to find a space that would cater to all of their needs. They see tremendous growth in their near future and cannot wait to find a venue to accommodate the full future of Dat’z Italian.

Dat’z Italian will be opening up a pizza station in the White Star Market in Baton Rouge. The target date for the opening of their home in this gourmet food market is June 2017. Any alterations in the schedule can be found on their Facebook page.

I can’t help but keep coming back to Dat’z Italian every time they are at the farmers market. I’ve yet to find pizza that rivals their’s,” said, customer and Southeastern Louisiana University student, Canaan Trice.

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