Fancy Feast…for a Sheep

The Little Ace Cattle Company in Folsom, Louisiana is not just known for its cattle. It is also known for its sheep, specifically, its Jacob sheep. A Jacob sheep is a rare breed sheep that have between two to six horns. The Little Ace has mostly the four-horned variety. Kaso Kety, owner of the Little Ace, found it increasingly frustrating to cut the lawn on the 20-acre property where the family house is located. A bush hog is simply too large for the areas close to the house. Kety instead devised an alternative plan to allow sheep and goats into the yard to eat the grass, which is what he did in August 2013. In May 2014, after one too many coyote attacks at his main ranch, Kety brought the rest of his sheep and goats — including a pair of Jacob rams — to help with “lawn care” on the family farm. When they were young, the rams had survived a coyote attack by joining forces. The pair has been inseparable ever since. Kety thought the home farm would be a more peaceful and less stressful place for them to roam.


The sheep who likes Fancy Feast.

On June 23, 2014, the two rams found their way to the front of the family house. One went onto the porch and began eating cat food out of the family cat’s bowl while the other kept a watch nearby. Kety heard the sound of metallic clanking on the front porch. “I thought the cat was really hungry, but little did I know that it was one of the sheep,” Kety said upon the incident. Kety told his wife, Lisa, who was close to the front door, to scare the rams away. “I went ballistic,” she said, “I didn’t know what that jerk was thinking, actually eating out of my kitty’s food bowl.” After the two rams ran out of the front yard, Lisa recounted, “Although I was upset for the cat, I just had to laugh at the sight of that big Jacob ram with his face all covered in cat food.”


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