Fall Semesters of Sociology and Criminal Justice Will Be Successful, Faculty of Southeastern Louisiana University Exclaims

The professors of Sociology and Criminal Justice are excited for a prosperous Fall Semester with their students of Southeastern Louisiana University.

Michael Biscigilia, Ph.D., and David Burley, Ph.D., of Southeastern are looking forward to an entertaining semester.Both professors agreed this fall semester’s curriculum is tough, but will prepare students to become successful through courses.

SLU’s Sociology and Criminal Justice Department will prepare students to learn how to analyze and understand different cultures and ethnicities as explained on their website.

Dr. Biscigilia who teaches Juvenile Justice said, “one of our main focuses in Juvenile Justice is how the criminal justice system operates as it pertains to juveniles, and the differences between juveniles and adult charges.”

Juvenile Justice is a “topical face-to-face course”, said Dr. Biscigilia.

Biscigilia instructs in lecture discussion format. For the Fall Semester there are several quizzes, exams and students are to write in their scholarly journals weekly. Dr. Biscigilia adores what he does and enjoys taking his students to the next level in their focus areas in Criminal Justice.

Southeastern’s Sociology and Criminal Justice Department does not only have dedicated professors such as Dr. Biscigilia, but also has internship opportunities. These opportunities enable students to succeed in their major.

Professor Burley favorite courses to teach are Environmental Sociology and Special Topics Class on Food Sustainability. Burley said he absolutely loves it here at Southeastern. Professor Burley teaches his class in a conversational manner opposed to lecturing. Students read on different topics and return to class and must be ready to discuss what they’ve read.

Professor Burley expects his students to take what they have been taught and give their personal intake and opinions to the class. Over the Fall Semester his classes will receive only two exams and a group project on solutions for different sociological issues. Professor Burley is definitely a man who genuinely enjoys his job and helping his students become better as individuals.


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