Fall break canceled due to Hurricane Isaac

Classes will be held during fall break to make up for the classes canceled during Hurricane Isaac.

Hammond, LA—Fall break has been canceled this year due to canceled classes during Hurricane Isaac. The vacation time will be used to make up any classes that were canceled in preparation of the storm. Rumors have been circulating about how University officials have decided to handle the missed classes since campus reopened after the hurricane. Junior Abigail Fontaine said that not even her teachers are aware of how their classes will be affected yet. Fontaine said, “We had a lot of assignments that were issued online during Hurricane Isaac to keep up with the semester. A lot of classes have already caught up. Most of my classes are canceled anyway.” There has been discussion of a flexible break, in which students would be assigned work to complete during the vacation time. Some students are indifferent about the decision to cancel fall break. Junior Allyson Oldendorf said, “It doesn’t really affect me because I don’t have school on those days anyway.” There has also been discussion about holding the canceled Tuesday and Thursday classes on a Friday to make up for the days missed. This proposal was rejected due to schedule conflicts with regular Friday classes. “It doesn’t affect me much because I don’t have class on Friday, so I only have to make up Thursday. I don’t mind because we got a whole week off during the hurricane,” said Freshman Haley Taylor. Other students are concerned about the schedule conflicts that may occur between classes and vacation plans that have already been scheduled. Jeff Moore, a student worker at the University Police station, said, “It is sort of messed up that our vacation is being taken away for the time we spent during a hurricane.” Several activities and events on campus have also been rescheduled due to campus’ closing during Hurricane Isaac. Fall break was originally scheduled for October 4 and 5.

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