Faculty Senate Resolution

The Southeastern Louisiana University administration has until April 1 to submit a plan for an increase in faculty salary to the Faculty Senate.

The PRIDE Resolution that passed unanimously in the Faculty Senate meeting Wednesday, Feb. 1 calls for the administration’s response by April 1. The faculty asked for a plan to raise salaries by no less than 2 percent for all departments equally.

The faculty has not received a bona fide raise in eight years. Two reasons given for this request are the increasing expenses of living and the connection between higher teacher pay and teacher quality. The committee chair, Steven Rushing, says he has hope that the administration will find the resolution reasonable.

 “I feel confident the requests will be met in part if not in whole,” said Rushing.

When the resolution passed the Faculty Senate meeting, the senate president Dayne Sherman stressed the importance of this raise for the quality of Southeastern overall. According to the meeting minutes, “Bottom line: Faculty welfare is student welfare,” said Sherman.

The administration will have the opportunity to respond in the upcoming months.

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