ExCEL offers scholarship to future students

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.36.42 AM [Hammond]- Each year, Southeastern Louisiana University offers a $4,000 scholarship to 20 Louisiana high school students who are selected from more than 100 nominated high school students from Louisiana. The group who created this scholarship is known as ExCEL.

ExCEL stands for “excellence in commitment to education and leadership.”

“In order to be eligible to receive the ExCEL scholarship, you must be a good student, have a good GPA, be involved in and have great leadership in high school clubs, speak well, and communicate well,” said Carley Furlan, an ExCEL scholarship recipient. “If a high school student is picked to receive the ExCEL scholarship, he or she must go to an interview which is done by previous ExCEL members who ask questions about the traits and qualities of the high school student.”

Furlan said that when the interview is done, the student waits a few weeks for the results and then he or she will find out if they are receiving the award.

According to Furlan, when a high school student receives the ExCEL scholarship, he or she will be awarded $500 a semester, and it helps out the student when they begin school at Southeastern Louisiana University.

“For the ExCEL scholarship, we are looking for high school students who demonstrate excellence in both extracurricular activities and academic activities during their high school careers,” said Cherie Kay Thriffiley, director of the Office for Student Engagement at Southeastern. “High school students should get in contact with their high school counselors for an ExCEL scholarship application.”

Furlan said that the ExCEL scholarship is a great opportunity to help high school students get into college.

“I am glad that I received the ExCEL scholarship,” said Furlan.

Any high school students who would like to apply for the ExCEL scholarship can find the application at www.southeastern.edu/excel_scholarships. The completed applications are due to the Office for Student Engagement at Southeastern by February 22.

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