Emergency Poles are Here to Help


Southeastern Louisiana University, has become a campus full of sexual assaults leaving students terrified.

Most victims are assaulted late at night and most times they are alone. After the attack, the victims are left alone with no help, and the police officers are left with another tragic incident that has happened on campus.

In order to help victims when they cannot get in touch with police officers, tall blue emergency poles were put up around campus.  If someone is being attacked, they just have to get to an emergency pole and press the button.  Once the button is pressed, help will come immediately.  Anyone on campus can hear the emergency pole, but most importantly it allows the police to know that there is an emergency and someone is in need of help.

“The poles around campus works, so that helps us a lot,” said Coleman, a Southeastern police officer.

The poles are on campus to help victims and they are getting the job done.



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