Elections This Tuesday

¬†Elections for Louisiana’s Senate will be held this Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Candidates include Charlie Melancon, a Demorcratic state represenative
and David Vitter, current Republican senator. Both candidates have
participated in making campaign promises and television ads to explain
why Louisiana residents should vote them into office.

To find out what each candidate has to say, visit their websites.
Vitter’s website is http://vitter.senate.gov/public/ and Melancon’s
site is http://www.charliemelancon.com/home.

Voters can go to the Secretary of State’s website to find information
on the elections, people and positions up for vote, amendments and
look at sample ballots for their preceints.

Students have the opportunity to go to www.southeasternureporter.com
and vote on the site’s election poll.

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