Editorial: Students against voting rights for illegal immigrants

As Democratic and Republican politicians battle for control in today’s midterm elections there is another variable that could soon affect the outcomes of many elections.

The issue of illegal immigration has continued to evolve over the past decade. Once a debate that centered around whether it was just or economical to continually deport illegal immigrants, that concern has been long since dismissed as it became evident that many illegal immigrants were in the U.S. to stay.

While many Americans have made peace with the idea of illegal immigrants living and working in the U.S., there may be a new pill to shallow as some elected officials sponsor legislations that would give illegal immigrants the right to vote in various elections.

While at first mention the suggestion of allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote may sound completely unreasonable or unfathomable, there are certain situations where it would be logical to allow illegal immigrants to have a say.

Measures in San Francisco and Portland, Maine would, if passed, give students’ guardians, legal citizen or not, the right to vote in local school board elections.

According to San Francisco Board of Supervisors President David Chiu about one-third of students in the San Francisco district has at least one immigrant parent.

While allowing a parent to have a say in who runs the schools their children attend sounds completely reasonable, it does seem to open a Pandora’s Box. If any election is open to non-citizens how long will it be, and more importantly how fair would it be to have illegal aliens voting in U.S. elections?

While it may be a small sample of a wide range of opinions, registered voters on Southeastern’s campus seem to cast their vote in the negative when considering voting rights for illegal immigrants.

“I don’t think illegal immigrants should vote because we vote on issues dealing with the United States and they’re not a part of the United States,” says senior Nicole Brannigan.

Here two more students describe why they agree with Brannigan.

Students against voting rights for illegal immigrants

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