Editorial: Recent events teach lesson on drinking and driving

Some things in life just shouldn’t be played with.  Its really that simple.

Drinking and driving is just that.  We all know the dangers of drinking and driving.  When you drink and drive, you endanger not just yourself but all of your passengers and everyone else on the road.  Even though you may not know those people, they are someone’s mom, dad, sister, cousin or aunt.

Just last week a former SLU student. Derek L. Quebedeaux was convicted of killing three students after leaving a local bar.  His decision-to drive just a few hundred yards home seemed like a harmless one.  But it wasn’t.

Now three people are never going to graduate, get married or have children. He will be in jail for at least three years after killing not just any three people, but people he knew.  His roommate and friends were among those dead and injured.

The man convicted of this will have to sit in his cell and think about what he did.   We all know we’d like to take some things back over the course of our lives, a “do over” per say.  But that’s not reality.  Its not for him and its not for anyone.

That would be a lot of thinking; far too much thinking, indeed.

Please think before you act.  Don’t drink and drive.

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