Early Morning Jump Start

How does breakfast affect students’ performance in the classrooms? Or is this just a myth that has been talked about over the years?

Practicing a daily dietary plan where you consume food is actually healthy for adolescents and children. This will help with weight status, with cognitive thinking, and also nutritional status. It shows that eating breakfast on the regular may may ave some benefit to success in the classroom

With that being said, even though an individual may be practicing daily food consumption does it help with how you may perform in school? 

Even though finding people to actually see what their response was difficult, we still manage to find diverse responses from individuals. Everyone’s response was in debt and provided reasonable information why breakfast may or may not affect their school performance.

Daniel Washington who is a student at Southeastern who believes that breakfast is a way for him to feel good in the morning while he is in class. 

“ For me breakfast gives me a head start to be myself, my first semester at selu I had all am classes, I also never ate breakfast. That semester I felt sluggish and very tired,and  was put on academic warning. After that semester I made some changes including eating breakfast, and I passed all my classes and felt very attentive, “ said Washington.

According to Washington, this is basically a way to boost his energy. Since he was put into a sticky situation last year, practicing eating breakfast on the daily was a way for him to increase his performance. 

On the other hand, some people may not feel the effects of eating breakfast before class. They believe it all has to do with motivating yourself to wanting to pay attention in class. James Benson who is a Southeastern have some insight on how breakfast doesn’t play an effect in his performance.

“ I have tried eating breakfast in the morning but it hasn’t changed my performance during my early classes. It has actually had a negative effect on how I performed in my classes. Since I had to wake up earlier to be able to eat breakfast I was tried in my classes, “ said Benson.

So there are mixed responses when it comes to eating daily in the morning. According to NBCI, there were 11 out of 19 students of the age of 15 to 19 that showed an increase of cognitive thinking.

Even though someone such a Benson may be self motivated, this may not be for everyone else. The numbers from the research show that eating a balanced breakfast can help you improve. Someone like Dan would be apart of those 11 students.

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