Downtown’s Downward Dog

Downtown Yoga has brought the downward dog to downtown Hammond. With a brand new and upgraded studio on the horizon, the owners and dedicated patrons are spreading the word.

Britni Serou, photo provided by Brenna Barzenick.

In 2015, Brenna Barzenick was approached by her yoga teacher, Britni Serou. Serou co-owned a small studio in Hammond and her partner was moving to Baton Rouge. She asked Barzenick if she would be interested in creating a new studio with her. “We had a great relationship and were very connected already. Since I am a physical therapist and have run businesses before, it seemed like a great idea to become business partners with Britni, especially since it involved such a passion of mine,” said Barzenick.

Their business, Downtown Yoga, opened its doors on September 1, 2015. Their studio is tucked behind the Salad Station on the outskirts of downtown. Recently however, construction has begun on a new location. Barzenick is extremely anxious for its completion since it will im

Brenna Barzenick, photo provided by Barzenick.

prove some of their current situations, as well as offer some added bonuses. The new space is on the second floor of the new building on Southwest Railroad Ave, above The SteaKhouse. Barzenick said, “Being on the second floor is a plus in and of itself. You would be amazed at the decrease in street noise and other hustle and bustle.” However, she said being on the corner, their windows will offer a bright and panoramic view of much of downtown.

“One of our problems right now is that we only have a capacity of about 20 people per class, and only one class can go on at a time. This really puts limitations on our schedule, especially since we offer a lot of private classes and group work,” said Barzenick. The new studio will triple their capacity, making room for 60 clients and two classes at a time.

One of the private groups that Downtown Yoga hosts happens to be the Southeastern Lionettes. Sophomore Cailin Sampey said that she really values her time in the studio and with Barzenick. She said, “Our team benefits so much from our yoga sessions. Not only does it give us an alternative method of fitness, but it clears our heads and relaxes us both mentally and physically.” Sampey added that getting to do the sessions as a team with no other distractions adds to the experience as well.

Kayla Morgan, a client of Downtown Yoga from the beginning, and lifelong resident of Hammond said, “Hammond needs a business like Downtown Yoga because it offers a more alternative lifestyle for fitness and wellness. It is exciting to see Hammond grow in these areas.” Morgan enjoys yoga because it is great for controlling the mind, strengthening the body, stabilizing the core and she loves the focus on balance and strength.

Barzenick added that Downtown Yoga is the only yoga studio in Hammond. While yoga classes are offered in other fitness facilities, her business is specialized and focused. “People need options for fitness, even the older population. People need fitness that is accessible for their bodies and minds. Yoga is a way to create space. It allows you to get out of your head unlike traditional fitness methods. People crave that space that you make in your mind as you unplug from the world and plug into your own body.”

Downtown Yoga offers an array of classes in different styles of yoga and even pilates. They range in difficulty and concentrations, and have sign-up options on their website.

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