Documented crime accessible to students

2015-09-22 10.24.08A survey of several students on Southeastern’s campus outside of D.Vickers Hall shows that many are unaware that the University Police keeps an accessible crime log on their website.

“I didn’t know of such a thing. I’ll check it out,” says Jordan Shilling, a marketing major here at Southeastern.

This log can be found on the campus police page on the Southeastern website. The crime log  has documented cases from the beginning of the year until now. The log even documents cases that currently are ongoing, closed or still opened. Students can grasp the idea of what is taking place the most on campus. For example, going into September, there have been more auto accidents on campus than any other incident.

Due to the Clery Act law passed in 1990, all federal funded universities must provide crime information on school campuses. With information like this public for students to see, the law aims to improve campus safety by awareness.

“I think if the students are able to access the information, see whats going on, see where its going on, then they can help protect themselves,” Lt. Patrick Gipson of the Southeastern Police Department said

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