Distracted shocks audience

[HAMMOND]- “Distracted” took audience members on an unexpected ride with its real world situations and sexual innuendos comedies. “Distracted” grabbed the attention of the packed Vonnie Borden Theatre on October 18.

“Its (Distracted) definitely not what I expected,” said Southeastern student KeyShayla Cooper, “I honestly wasn’t expecting to enjoy it this much, but this is really interesting and funny.”

“Distracted” is a story about a family’s struggle with the possibility that their son may have Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, and whether or not to put him on medication. It touches on the real world reality of how more and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD.

The play portrayed that more people in today’s society are taking medication for a variety of mental disorders, along with the possibilities that the elements of our modern life could be adding to this phenomenon. While showing these very serious situations, “Distracted” covered them in a dialogue that is vastly humorous and pushes the envelope.

Director Jim Winter, used projected images throughout the play to not only signify scene changes, but the images also played the part of distractions a person faces daily in the modern connected world. This added visual element seemed to further enhance the reality of each scene.

Lead actress, Misty Gros,  guided viewers through the emotional spectrum of highs and lows her character faces.

“It was an emotional roller coaster, and that’s what she said she wanted,” said Joy Gros, Misty Gros’ mother, “ I barely saw her for a month. She worked so hard on this.”

Chad Winters, an instructor in Theatre at Southeastern, said the play left him with a lot to think about.

“We live in this crazy distracted world,” said Winters.

“Distracted” will be playing for two more nights, October 19-20, in the Vonnie Borden Theatre, showtime starts at 7:30pm.


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