“Distracted” holds first tech rehearsal

Southeastern theater department’s fall production, “Distracted,” held its first tech rehearsal Wednesday night.

The play, written by Lisa Loomer, revolves around two parents’ deciding whether or not to medicate their child for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The family experiences many trials and tribulations in order to make their decision.

The lead actors share a moment onstage.

The lead actors share a moment onstage.

James Winter, associate professor of acting and directing, is the play’s director. He said that he cannot count how many productions he has done at Southeastern there are so many.

“I do about two a year, and I’ve been working here for 11 years now,” Winter said.

This play will be different from previous productions, as it incorporates elements of projection throughout the production. These elements will allow for fewer set changes and a more cohesive and artistically pleasing production. According to Grace Jovanovic, the visual and projections designer, this will be the first time a Southeastern show will incorporate these elements in a play.

Jovanovic praised the play. She said that it has messages for every audience member and that she was proud of where the play was.

“You’re going to leave feeling something whenever you see this show,” Jovanovic said.

“Distracted” runs from Oct. 18-21 at the Vonnie Borden Theater.

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