Diamonds Are Forever




Southeastern’s baseball program Director of Operations Taylor Marceaux will be stepping down from her duties including overseeing the Diamond Girls this semester after her graduation.

Marceaux has found a second home in the baseball program. Moving to Hammond when she was 12, and has been involved with SLU Athletics ever since her cousin Jay Artgues was the baseball head coach and is the athletic director. Starting off working in the concession stands and anywhere else she could help, Marceaux grew up around SLU Athletics, and when she decided to attend college here, it was no surprise that she would become a Diamond Girl. Working her freshmen year as a Diamond Girl she then went on to head the Diamond Girls her second year of college.

“They are basically there to make the players, and the coaches lives a little bit easier it is also to get people involved and get the experience of Southeastern,” said Marceaux. “Mainly what we do is just make the game day experience and to get more people involved with Southeastern Athletics anyway they can.”

Marceaux believes that the Diamond Girls are an asset to growing the fan base which is an essential part of baseball.

“It gets more people it grows the fan base,” said Marceaux. “My family is involved with Southeastern because I am, and that’s the same with several other Diamond Girls I’ve known in the past.”

Her life of baseball will not end with graduation Marceaux hopes to become director of operations for a minor league team or other university’s team. Many in the program will miss her time and dedication to SLU baseball.

“Being a Diamond Girl under Taylor’s direction has been such an amazing time,” said 2018 Diamond Girl Neely Corkern. “I’ve always loved baseball, and being able to be a part of Southeastern’s baseball is an experience I’ll never forget. Taylor always made sure we knew what to do and helped us out when we needed it. It was always a fun time, thanks to Taylor.”

The Diamond Girls is a volunteer group that under Marceaux is taking steps to be an officially recognized organization on campus. Marceaux explains how the Diamond Girls has changed under her direction.

        “I think now we have a more diverse group than when I started out,” said Marceaux. “My first year it was a lot of sorority girls because the girl in charge she was in a sorority, so she just spread the word that way. Now with the social media aspect that’s grown over the years since we’ve been in college, I’ve been able to find more girls that focus in sports, and they want to get the background experience. We still do have sorority girls, but we also have just girls who like baseball too.”

Marceaux said she has had many experiences working with athletics.

“My favorite memories have defiantly been since I’ve taken over my director of operations role but as far as a Diamond Girl, really watching the game from the stands and being a part of the game in the dugout is two totally different things. The fact that you are a part of the

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