Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines

Life can get pretty challenging sometimes, especially when there are multiple assignments, tasks, and projects that are due around the same time period. Deadlines can be defined as the time or day that something needs to be done. Some people may not realize that deadlines have been practiced throughout our lives whether it was going to class on time, getting home before curfew or even taking a pack of chicken out of the freezer before mom got home. Deadlines aren’t always school and work related, however, people can learn a lot about timeliness from these two aspects of life. Most school and work related deadlines have consequences if certain tasks aren’t completed.  They are very important because it teaches time management and responsibility.

When preparing for one’s future, time management is one of the key things in order to develop an air of professionalism. Organizing tasks, assignments and more ahead of time is a helpful way to tackle upcoming deadlines. Missing deadlines may be thought of as not having one’s priorities together in the eyes of peers, educators or even employers. It is not only important to complete a task for the deadline but to also have something done in advance. The phrase, “Showing up early is like being on time, being on time is like being late, and being late is like never showing up at all” can be used to demonstrate the importance of timeliness. For example, turning in homework early can allow time for the educator to start the grading process early, versus turning it in when it’s due may seem as if it was done last minute and turning it in late would be the same as turning in a blank sheet of paper. Utilizing time management can be  helpful to prevent the consequences of missing deadlines.

Coinciding with time management, is responsibility. Responsibility can be learned, and perfected by meeting deadlines and preparing for them in advance. When searching for a potential candidate for a job, employers look for a person who is responsible and dependable. Employers look for these attributes because they need dependable employees to complete assigned tasks by a certain time. Whatever task is assigned to an employee, that person is responsible for having it done by the due date without excuses. Deadlines can teach responsibility as it gives an opportunity for someone to prioritize things based on importance. For example, if an employee has to complete a PowerPoint before the day ends but wants to party with friends that same night, they may take responsibility for completing the task first and hang out with friends later.

There are many ways to make deadlines easier to meet. One way is to get a planner or a notebook and write down all of the responsibilities for the week. Another thing to do is to list each deadline by the time that it is due. If there is more than one thing to do in one day, then list them by importance and/or time consumption. One of the most important tips to know is do not procrastinate because it can make schedules more hectic than it should be. Remember, deadlines are important for numerous reasons and they can be easily kept by prioritizing one’s time, being accountable, not procrastinating, and being responsible.

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