De La Salle dancers back to defend title

On Tuesday, April 5, students from De La Salle High School performed a Brazilian dance to defend their title at the talent show for the Foreign Language Festival.

The Language Festival is held every year for high school students to compete for awards and prizes.
Travonne Bowman, a senior at De La Salle, was in charge of her dance team at the Foreign Language Festival. “This was such a wonderful experience that really helped me understand the Spanish language and culture.”

Bowman was picked to lead her dance team to another victory because of her high achievement in Spanish at her high school.
This year was Bowman’s second time performing for the Language Festival. “I’m in Spanish V and it was a pleasure being selected to be in charge of my dance group this year, we had a blast.”

Bowman chose a group of friends to travel with her to compete in this year’s Language Festival Talent show to show off their dance moves.

“Our school was really proud to have us as its representatives,” Bowman said.
Southeastern students stopped to admire the cultural Brazilian dance.

Adam Kendrick, a junior at Southeastern, said, “That was so different from any other dance I’ve ever seen, and I really enjoyed it!” Kendrick said that he could understand why they are the champions for the past two years.

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