Current Security System Looms Over London Dormitory

Students residing in the Great Dover Street Apartments, in London, are sure to feel safe with the current security system.

The dormitory has a Security Services office on -site, and it operates 24 hours a day.
It also has a 24 hour swipe card entry system, where only guests or residents with swipe cards can enter the building. Each time you enter the building, you must swipe your card to get in, initially, then you must swipe it again to exit the main lobby. Once in the courtyard, you must find the section you would be staying in and then swipe your card to gain access into that part of the building. Once in there, you must go to the floor you will be staying on and go through another door (one that does not have to be swiped by the card) and then another security door that requires a key to gain access into that area. By that time, it’s time to open your room door, which also requires a key.

However, even with the building being heavily secured, there is still crime that happens outside of the dormitory.

According to Andrew Jones, a guest resident from Wales, a stabbing took place at the nearby park behind the dormitory building. Even though this incident took place approximately two years ago, this could be a motivating factor in the choice for such high security. He said every security person is young, which can be helpful if any type of physical action is needed in helping someone.

Mun El-Basha thinks it is a given that you will be mugged if you are out and about at two in the morning. He said, you can make yourself a target by doing that. But, as a student who attends the school, he feels safe living in the building.

A staff member at the dormitory feels that it’s necessary that the security is so tight. John Olalemi said, “it’s a safety force.” He said there have been incidents of students being attacked and mugged in the park behind the dormitory, but that things like that generally happen in the evenings. Olalemi feels, overall, that the surrounding area is safe.

Kathleen Kelley, a visiting student resident, said “I was impressed at how difficult it was to simply walk in and then to walk out again. It’s kind of nice to see someone there to see you come and go. [But], at first I was nervous to leave anything in my room. But, now I’m happy to leave [even] my window open.”

According to the Metropolitan Police website, serious crime rates have dropped 20.2%, in London, between April and June compared with the same time period in 2009. There were nearly 2,000 fewer offences, all together, between the three month time comparison
period. So, perhaps students have a reason to feel safe, since the crime that is in the area is lessening; in a addition to the heavily secured building where they live.

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