CSA’s 6th Annual Awakening Retreat this upcoming weekend


Southeastern’s Catholic Student Association’s Awakening Retreat will be held Sept. 25-27 at St. Albert. The requirement for this retreat is being between the ages of 18-25. There is a $30 application fee in order to reserve a spot.

Hayden Songy, President of CSA, said that Awakening is a student led retreat held once a semester. “I know my life has changed after the retreat. I recommend it for all college students because life is changing. Everyone needs a little God in their life, and this is a fun way for students to open up to Him.”

The CSA website has applications available for Awakening. Sr. Renee Daigle, assistant director of the Student Center, said that any students who are interested or have questions about Awakening are welcome to go speak to her. “I made Awakening as a college student and no doubt, it made a big impact on my life. In today’s world, students need a weekend to themselves to reflect on what God is trying to tell them,” she said.

Awakening helps the growth of CSA because it brings other students into the spiritual community. It builds a community on campus and students begin to experience a group they can connect with. Awakening was made for students by students.

“It is on a very personable level which shows students that they have an ongoing support group whenever they need anything,” Daigle said. Awakening is primarily a Catholic retreat but anyone is invited.

Songy said that the atmosphere is uplifting during the retreat. Friendships are made to last. “Participants see staff workers around campus after the retreat ends often which makes them feel comfortable,” he said.

College students are encouraged to attend Awakening and join CSA. CSA gives the students a home away from home with constant support from other students. Daigle said that statistics and research shows that students engaged in faith and support groups are more successful and the retention level of the university goes up when students have a group they belong to.

“College kids question things, they want to find some answers. CSA welcomes students and helps them find the answers they are looking for,” she said.

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