Critics, Curls, and Creamy Hair Crack

Critics, Curls, and Creamy Hair Crack


When it comes to appearance…women typically only worry about three items…nails, makeup and hair. Most women tend to follow the trend and other unique women tend to be a trendsetter. Makeup and nails goes about which color you want to wear for the day or a certain look that you are trying to achieve; but with hair, it is a completely different story. For hair, no matter if it is short, blue, curly, or a fiery red curly bob, hair is set to make a statement and change the way people see you.


Natural hair is an up and continue rising trend that seems like it is here to stay. The women of culture are straying away from the straight look and embracing and setting trends with their natural “roots”. The Black and Latina communities for years always came up with creative and glorious hairstyles. Cornrows, braids, updo’s, and body waves are all styles that have been in the media lately as a statement and a fresh new look from the culture. According to the NY Times, it is said that it is wrong for African Americans to practice their blackness with their own hair and hairstyles, but as soon as celebrities such as the Jenners imitate a black hairstyle in the media, they are praised for it and they have set a new trend that has been around for centuries.


Becoming natural is big step and slightly expensive step. You have to find out your hair type, what products work for your hair, different hairstyles, and techniques on how to care for the hair. When most women first go natural, they will either wear a TWA which stands for a teeny weenie afro or they will cut their hair and continue to wear wigs and weaves. That none curl chemical look is the “in” trend and it feels good that you are no longer damaging your hair with harsh chemicals. The Boston Globe stated that the Mintel research group reports that hair relaxers sales have dropped over 200 million dollars and dropped another 100 million in the year 2013. The cost of relaxers and salon visit are expensive and natural hair products are cheaper and you can do it yourself.


“I first decided to go natural my freshman year in high school because I did not want to follow the path of everyone else. I wanted to voice my opinion and express myself. I cut my relaxed hair off and went natural. Everyone talked about my hair how it did not look right and I should go relaxed again. Now everyone is going natural because it is less harmful, it grows faster, and it simply looks beautiful on the strong independent black woman. But natural hair is a challenge, even though some days I do not like dealing with my natural hair, I will always cherish it” Charnae Pipes said.


Even though being or going natural may seem like the answers to most women, it is not an easy process as for styling, wearing and paying for it. Women often try the idea of being natural, some love the idea and others liked it but do not stay natural. Wearing natural hair is time consuming and the products are not always at a cheap price to keep paying for. For natural hair, women often wet their hair, condition it, detangle it, keep it moisturized often and consistently watch out for frizz and make sure the hair does not look dry and brittle. You can love yourself with any hairstyle that you choose, but being natural can be frustrating and overwhelming. After trying it and finding it difficult to manage, women will often to go back to the relaxers and the straight look to make their hair more manageable.


In a CurlyNikki article, various women explained that they did try the natural hair look for a decent amount of time, however they preferred to cut their natural hair journey short; this does not mean that they do not love themselves or that they hate curly hair.


“I recently went natural because I was tired of my hair being frizzy and stiff looking after I would leave the salon. I feel like the strong relaxers were doing damage to my hair. Going natural was a decision that I decided to make for the goodness of my hair. But I now find that being natural is not easy and something that I do not want continue with. I am currently still natural but I am considering going back to the relaxers and find other ways to deal with my hair”. D’Andrinette Mitchell said.


Natural or Relaxed, it is still hair. Some woman will not consider to go natural because they feel being relaxed is okay and more manageable.


“I know the style today is being natural and love how your hair is but there are some women who prefer to wear their hair relaxed and straight. It is not that I do not like the natural hair look or like big or small curls, my hair takes well to relaxers and it is easy for me to manage. I do not mind going get my hair done every other week, I know my hair is healthy and that is all that matters”. Brittanie Amos said.


There are so many thoughts and considerations when going natural. Girls and women think about other people’s opinions, putting in the time and effort, how you feel about yourself and if this natural hair thing does not work then what do I do after that. So you still have to love yourself and especially your hair. Different personal reasons why women choose to go natural or not. Women are beginning to pick up old habits and loving themselves and making statements with their curls. Loose, tight, coarse, manageable or non-manageable, it is just hair and it should be treated with respect.  As the years continue to go by, the site of natural hair will be more respected and looked at as a way of life and not a culture statement. With that being said, women continue to love yourself and stay beautiful with every curl, cornrow, wig, and afro at a time.

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