Criminal Justice Committee Discusses Bill to Raise Parolee Fees.

Is it reasonable to ask parolees to pay $100 a month in fees? A SoutheasternUreporter survey asked respondents to answer questions concerning bills that are presented to the Administration of Criminal Justice. One such bill discussed in the survey is a bill the proposes to raise the maximum amount of fees that parolees are required to pay to the Dept. of Public Safety and Correction. The bill is being presented by republican Representative Lance Harris of District 25.

Reprentative Lance Harris

Harris says, “The bill is being proposed because the state is having trouble recruiting probation officers willing to take on parolees. This bill will require the users to have to pay a higher fee which in turn will give an incentive for probation officers to work.”

Of the total respondents to the survey, 87% thought that this bill should not be passed and mostly because it burdens the parolee with more financial responsibilities. One survey respondent said, “There is no evidence that requiring parolees to pay higher fees reduces the recidivism rate or aids in rehabilitation in any way, so there is no benefit to the population at large, nor the individual offender.”

According to the text of the bill, “The present law authorizes the committee on parole to impose requirements on a person released on parole including the requirement that the person pay a fee to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections in an amount not to exceed $63.” The bill being presented allows the Committee on Parole to raise the maximum fee that parolees have to pay to the Dept. of Public Safety and Corrections from $63 to $100. Currently the bill is pending final passage by the House of Representatives and the sessions will continue next week. 

To stay up-to-date on the passage of this bill, visit and search for house bill number302.


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