Consuming Fire Fellowship demonstrators fire up Southeastern students

Students who walked by War Memorial Student Union on Thursday, Sept. 5 probably encountered demonstrators holding signs, handing out pamphlets, and most notably, speaking to students through a megaphone. Those demonstrators were from Consuming Fire Fellowship in Woodville, MS.

Demonstrators held signs as students gathered to listen.

Demonstrators held signs as students gathered to listen.

The church members and their supporters were on the campus to spread what they believe to be gospel to students. Signs held by the church said “sinner, you deserve hell fire” and “warning to all, God’s judgment is coming”.

“Our goal is to evangelize the bible way, to lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, to call sinners to the repentance for the glory of God,” said Chris LePelley, a demonstrator supporting Consuming Fire.

But some students found the church’s message and the way the approached them offensive. Student Nick Nuccio and his friends argued with a demonstrator who spoke through a megaphone. Nuccio said he’s a Christian and didn’t agree with Consuming Fire’s message.

“God says not to condemn people. It says only He can judge and he’s here judging people,” said Nuccio, “He pointed to a girl and said ‘you are going to die’. He pointed to one of my friends and said ‘you’re a glutton’. Just because he’s overweight, but he has a condition.”

The demonstrators also told students they were going to burn in hell because they sin, to which Nuccio disagreed.

Nick Luccio states his beliefs to demonstrator.

Nick Luccio states his beliefs to demonstrator.

“It says in the bible to wake up every day and repent from your sins. It talks about it because God knows you’re going to sin every day. That’s why you ask for forgiveness. We’re imperfect beings,” said Nuccio.

Students Madison Miles and Adrianne Hornsby were onlookers of the demonstrators and disagreed with what they were doing.

“I think that it’s out of control. Like they have no right to be here doing this,” said Miles.

Hornsby said, “Nobody’s going to want to be a Christian if their just yelling at us saying we’re all going to go to hell.”

According to LePelley, the negative reactions from the students are expected.

“We understand that our message is, for the most part, is rejected by an unholy, sinful society and most college campuses are Christ rejecting, said LePelley, “But we know there are those in the crowd who the Holy Ghost is working on and dealing with. And they are going to consider what we are saying.”


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