Communication t-shirt sale

Nov. 17, 2014

[Hammond] – Southeastern’s Press Club will sell T-shirts designed by communication professors and students to fund the 10th anniversary of the annual Colloquium.

Each semester graduating seniors in the communication program conduct research and write about that research in their theses. The culmination of their work at Southeastern is defending their interpretation of their research results in front of faculty and staff from the communication program at the Colloquium.

This is the 10th year that the Communication Department at Southeastern has held a Colloquium and the shirts are one way to mark the occasion.

Press Club President Tori Pajares said the organization’s goal is to sell 100 shirts for $15 each with a $7 profit for every shirt. The anticipated $700 will help fund a networking breakfast between former and current Southeastern Communication students.

Dr. Claire Procopio, the undergraduate program coordinator, said that the breakfast will be a good way for students to see what communication graduates have done and to celebrate everyone who worked to complete a thesis throughout the years.

The design for the shirt originated in Dr. Procopio’s Communication 101 class. “Two students each actually came up with the same idea,” said Procopio.

The final design, after revisions from Press Club members and contributions from faculty and students in the communication department, reads “Keep Comm and Carry On” on the front and displays a list of “You might be a communication major at southeastern if…” jokes on the back.

Shirts are not for sale yet, but Pajares said that there has been a lot of interest. “It’s a way to be proud of the department you come from,” she said.

So far, Press Club members texting friends is the only advertising for the shirts. Once the shirts have been made the club will send e-mails and make classroom announcements. The shirts are availablefor pre-order in the advising office.


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