COMM 465 and 467

 By Cayla Jefferson

        As the spring semester comes to an end, it is time to decide what classes to take next. Two Comm classes that will be offered are Comm 465 and 467.

           Comm 465 is a PR campaign class. Students will learn about what goes into planning campaigns and plan one of their own. Although this has does not require any prerequisites,Comm 364 and 463 are beneficial to take before. Comm 364 is learning to report crisis in front of the camera. Comm 463 is developing writing skills to write press releases.

           Comm 467 is crisis communication. This class is taught online during the summer. It covers how to prepare an organization for a crisis, how to respond to a crisis and the experience of organizations that have responded well or not. There are also no prerequisites for this class but, Comm 270 and 364 are suggested. Both classes are taught by Dr. Madere.

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