Columbia Theatre schedule features diverse spring lineup


Photo by Dieadra Haynes

The Coumbia Theatre’s marquee displays info about the upcoming Janis Joplin-inspired performance.

Upcoming performances at Hammond’s Columbia Theatre range from musical to theatrical. 

“[The Columbia] is a small time theatre with big time names like Boyz II Men and Willy Wonka,” resident Paige Dyer said. 


A recent production hosted by the Columbia was the Willy Wonka Show put on by students of Holy Ghost Catholic School.  


“I think it’s great that those kids are performing two sets of shows,” sophomore Elizabeth Haley said. “It gives some of the community chance to see a performance and school’s can also make trips at a super-discounted price.”


Many different shows from Livin’ Janis, a tribute to the late Janis Joplin, to The Music Man, a very prestigious and well-accounted for musical, take part in the lineup of future productions at the Columbia.


“I can’t wait for some of the performances,” theatre major Sharon Lolian said. “I would pay big bucks to see the Music Man because I love that play.”


Some of the other productions include a wonderful rendition of Seussical, that now includes pajamas, The Jungle Book and a tribute to The Eagles.


“I think it is amazing that a theatre is in the middle of a small town that doesn’t have much to do,” frequent patron Mical Miguel said. “It pushes kids to do something different for a change.”
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