Christopher Monckton to speak at Southeastern

Christopher Monckton, photo courtesy of Dr. Russell McKenzie.

Hammond, LA – Global warming skeptic Christopher Monckton will speak at Southeastern Louisiana University in October. The presentation will focus on Monckton’s views on the cost effectiveness of carbon dioxide mitigation. Monckton is known worldwide for his reports and research on climate change and global warming.

Dr. Russell McKenzie of the Department of Management and Business Administration is presenting Monckton.

“It’s not every day you have the opportunity to have a world renowned speaker to come to Southeastern,” said McKenzie.

Monckton’s Al Gore Rebuttal

Perhaps Monckton is best known for his report, “35 Inconvenient Truths: The Errors in Al Gore’s Movie”. The report argues against the claims made by Al Gore in the documentary “An Inconvenient Truth”.  While Monckton’s points may be a subject of debate in the scientific community, there are many that share his position.

Student Thoughts

“I don’t believe in global warming. I think the weather changes and evolves as it always does,” said Patrick Burchell, a senior in business management, “I don’t believe money the government is spending is worth it.”

Elizabeth Hutchinson, a junior in biology, has a different stance on global warming.

“These are facts.  Things that we do like driving and the oil industry, really any industry, is bad for the environment,” said Hutchinson, “Any research they do to combat that isn’t a waste of money.”

Carbon dioxide mitigation and global warming are important issues and Southeastern has the unique opportunity to have a person of such prominence speak at the university. Christopher Monckton will speak at the KIVA Auditorium on the second floor of Southeastern’s Cate Teacher Education Center on Oct. 2 at 7:30 p.m.




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