Cereal Killer Cafe

London – Cereal Killer Cafe allows visitors to feel like a kid again. While the cafe may be small in size, it has a lot of character. This notable cafe features cereal brands from all over the world, as well as other breakfast foods.  


The cafe serves a variety of cereal brands from the United States and the United Kingdom. The most popular choices are Cookies and Scream and Double Rainbow. Feckin Nut Case is a popular choice for the older generations. For those visitors who are wanting to try something unordinary, choose an option off the Cereal Cocktail list. Customers also have the ability to make their own cereal concoctions. There is quite the selection of milk choices including white chocolate, bubble gum, and of course regular. Also on the menu are poptarts, maltshakes, and stacked hot chocolate.


Cereal Killer Cafe is truly a unique dining experience for all ages. It is like entering a different time era. Bianca Klarik, assistant manager of Cereal Killer Cafe said, “We are based on the 90s, a little weird, quirky, and a place where adults can come and feel like a kid again.”


Visitors are surrounded by Spice Girls wallpaper, and everything else that could be found in the 90s. Instead of chairs, customers sit on old twin beds while old tv shows play on the antique television screens. Customers are also given old movie cases as their order number. It is the unique atmosphere of Cereal Killer Cafe that draws the attention of many people around the globe.


Cereal Killer Cafe can also be booked for private parties, and are also available for private hire. It is a great place for birthday parties, breakfast meetings, and any other occasion.


The cafe has been open for over two years, and have three locations in the United Kingdom. They also have other locations in Tubai, Kuwait and Jordan.


Leah Hehr, a customer at Cereal Killer Cafe, said, “It has been super fun and nostalgic. It was not what I was allowed for breakfast as a kid, but it was what I always wanted.”


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