Careers in Psychology

When choosing a major, it is typically done with a career goal in mind, the same can be said with the psychology majors around campus.

Psychology teaches people about the mind and many career paths can be taken with the knowledge acquired in college. Some pursue their careers in the field for various reasons: money, helping people, or because they’re a good listener. A few psychology majors explained their plans for their future in psychology.

Mervin Brochard is studying to be a therapist. Regarding his major he said, “I would like to work in a private practice, but working in the counseling center would be more beneficial to me right now.” Starting slow is not a bad idea, especially when there is an opportunity in the career on campus.

He was inspired to pursue this career by seeing friends with psychological issues. He wants to help them by becoming someone who knows what the problem is and how to treat it.

Tristan Damare, is focused on psychological research and discovering more about the mind. Damare’s goals for his future are still undetermined. He said, “I do not know specifically, but I would like to pursue a career outside of Southeastern, possibly for another school.”

His inspiration was his psychology teacher from high school and his professor here at Southeastern. They taught him how interesting the mind can truly be.

Dakota Shaffett, is interested in clinical psychology, which in his words he wishes to “talk to people on couches like Freud himself.” He hopes to join a private practice somewhere within Louisiana.

He wants to pursue this career because he explains how much he enjoys the study of the mind and how it works. He also wants to learn how people work themselves, due to the fact people are involved with pretty much everything we know.

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