Capture the Flag is back with a twist

An advertisement is placed under the Student Union Breezeway to encourage students to attend.

Southeastern Louisiana University’s second ever Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag event will take place on Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. in the University’s Pennington Center.

During this event, teams of students will challenge each other to games of Capture the Flag in the Pennington Rec Center and race to take the other team’s flag back to their home base.

The Campus Activities Board will host the game for the first time since fall 2016. McKenzie Tolson, the president of CAB said she is hoping for close to 100 students for this event.

“Attendance usually varies at our events,” said Tolson. “For something during the night like this, we expect to see about 100 students, but every now and then, events are big hits, and we get larger crowds.”

Tolson also said that the event went very well the first time they had it, so they decided to do it again but with some new flare.

“I wasn’t on the board when the first one happened,” she said. “But we’re expecting a good outcome this time, especially with how it went last time.”

Though the Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag game was successful in fall 2016, Tolson said there are a few improvements to the event for this time.

“This year will be more organized than the last time,” said Tolson. “There are going to be teams along with rule listings all around the building and visible boundaries so it runs more smoothly.”

The event in the Pennington Center will be set up with glow in the dark tape as boundaries for players, glow sticks throughout the arena and referees in official uniforms to manage the game space.

Tolson also said that these kind of events are all about getting the students involved, so the events are ways to reach out to everyone and create a unique and fun atmosphere for all types of students.

“We try to balance between day and night events to reach different students” said Tolson. “Also, this event is more active so it even reaches a new type of audience.”

The Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag game is one of many activities that CAB hosts during the school year. Other events like Gumbo Ya-Ya in the fall, Strawberry Jubilee in the spring, and movie nights every few weeks are ways that CAB engages students at Southeastern.

Tolson said that the good part about having many small events is that the costs for each event are fairly low considering the posters, prizes, food and other expenses.

She said the budget for the Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag game was around $250 while some other events hosted by CAB can cost thousands of dollars, but keeping supplies year-round helps eliminate extensive spending on smaller functions.

“We have rooms full of what we refer to as ‘office supplies’ which consist of items that we use for most events,” Tolson said. “Things like balloons, light bulbs for the popcorn machine and popcorn are essentials for our events.

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