Can you hear the music?

Hammond- For the third year in a row Southeastern University hosted the annual wind symphony concerto competition.
Organizers from Kappa Kappa Psi were extremely excited to once again be allowed to hold the competition. One organizer stated, “I guess they really like our auditorium.”
The event displays students’ musical talents and offers winners a chance to perform with a full orchestra. Event organizer Blake Bogan said, “Competitions like this are not only a way for students to showcase their talent but are a great resume building opportunity.”
The Students take preparation and practice as serious as any athlete. “To prepare for this competition I play every day for six hours just to get the muscle memory”, said saxophonist Zakkary Garner.
Others felt the pressure of the competition in a different way, “I had trouble eating and sleep last night I was so nervous, but I got out there and played my heart out,” said Trumpeter David Will.
The judges also had an extremely difficult time evaluating students’ performances.
“Judging these competitions is always difficult for me. There is some much to take into account,” said Judge Steven Wilson “I listen to the artistic interpretation of the music and look at performers’ stage presence and level of confidence.”
“Its art I take it all in, and make little notes to myself about how it feels, before I give the performance a score”, said Judge Dorothy Smith.
The event was a landslide for southeastern students with many getting top honors for their performances including the trumpet trio of David Will, David Kraus and Thomas Huckaby and saxophone soloist Vitale Guemunic. Wilson said, “These performers were some of the best I’ve seen scoring was very close.”
Other notable particapants included Dana Hudson and Zakkary Garner who both received honorable mentions.
“We’re proud of how well all our students performed, the repeated hosting of this event shows the quality of Southeastern’s music program and we will continue to look at Southeastern as a host for these competitions.” said Bogan.

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