Campus clothes drive for victims of human trafficking

Southeastern University’s Lions Against Trafficking will be hosting a clothes drive during mid- October to aid victims of human trafficking who are residing at a local Louisiana safe house.

This organization’s mission is to “educate the SELU student body about the horrors of human trafficking and to assist in the rehabilitation of former trafficking victims”, as stated on the Student Organizations page of Southeastern’s website.

Jonathan Jee, president of the group, says that any size or style of girl’s/women’s clothes will be accepted, due to the wide variety of women that come to seek refuge at the Hope House. Jee continued that the potential dates will be October 19th-23rd and details will be released soon.

In 2012, the Hope House was announced as Louisiana’s first safe house for victims of human trafficking, according to Manship Digital News and was found by Lee and Laura Domingue. The overall organization, Trafficking Hope, states that “female victims, 18 and over are provided safe housing along with comprehensive trauma-informed care in an atmosphere of love, support and unconditional acceptance”.

In a recent video posted on the non-profit organization’s website, president and CEO of Hope House US George Mills announced that new programming was instituted for residents. This curriculum includes material designed to help victims with their physical and spiritual needs, as well as improving their overall life skills and work force development.

Lions Against Trafficking hosts many other events and fundraisers throughout the year for the Hope House, including the annual LAT Electric 5k Run/Walk, which took place this past spring. The event included a DJ, neon paint party, food, $1 raffle tickets, a 5k glow run and earned over $1,500. Jee was also invited to attend a pre-screening of the upcoming movie “Caged”, alongside many other modern day slavery abolitionists. The film will be in theaters January of 2016 to raise awareness for the growing crime of human trafficking.

LAT encourages anyone interested in volunteering or joining to contact them via Facebook.


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