Campus Activities Board kicks off Halloween with events for Southeastern students

The Campus Activities Board at Southeastern Louisiana University is hosting multiple Halloween events in the month of October for students to be involved with.

Campus Activities Board

According to, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) consists of fellow Southeastern students who plan events and activities for students to be a part of and join in on leadership opportunities. Events that CAB is responsible for planning include Gumbo YaYa, Strawberry Jubilee, Miss Southeastern Pageant, Southeastern’s Birthday, Haunted House and more.

CAB’s Event Manager, Destiny Coleman, explained the purpose of the organization. “We are here mainly for students to have fun all throughout their four years, and not just for them to stay in their rooms,” Coleman said.

Importance of Student Involvement

According to the journal article, “Effects of Involvement in Clubs and Organizations on the Psychosocial Development of First-Year and Senior College Students,” by Albany University, “Student involvement has long been studied as a statistically significant contributor to desirable outcomes of the college student experience.” The findings of their journal found that increased interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and leadership all correlate to being a part of organizations on college campuses.

There are different organizations and activities for students to become involved with on campus, and Coleman explained her advice on student involvement. “Students should find a group of friends. I say that because most of the time people don’t want to do things by themselves or go to a meeting by themselves, so find a group of friends that also want to be involved and go to meetings with them. Then you meet more and more people,” Coleman said. “It’s a domino effect of making new friends and going to different events.”

Halloween Events

For the month of October, CAB is offering three different Halloween events for students including movie nights, a Haunted Trail and a Masquerade Ball. The movie nights are happening on Oct. 15-16 at 7 p.m. in the Student Union Theater. The Haunted Trail will be on Oct. 21-22 at 7 p.m. at North Oaks Park. The Masquerade Ball will be on Oct. 30 at 5 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom.

Movie Night

For both nights, the Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, will be playing for students to watch. Coleman explained that even the choice of movie is made for students to have a say and be involved. Every movie night that CAB plans, a Twitter poll is posted on their Twitter page for students to choose from different choices. The movie with the highest number of votes wins, and that is what will play for the upcoming movie night.

Haunted Trail

The Haunted Trail is a different spin on CAB’s usual haunted house that they have done in previous years. “This is the first time we are doing a haunted house outside,” Coleman said. “Students can look forward to something very different.”

Coleman explained that CAB wants to stick with the haunted house theme and still incorporate ‘rooms’ with different tents throughout the park. “We’re going to have a lot of different activities, but I don’t want to say to much,” Coleman said.

Not only do students have the chance to take part in this event, but they also have the opportunity to volunteer for it as well. Volunteers can work as Haunted Trail actors, event staff, prop creators and makeup artists. Any member of the student body can be a volunteer and does not have to be a CAB member. “We’ve had people from previous years who were not a part of our committee that would do it just for fun,” Coleman said.

Masquerade Ball

The Masquerade Ball is a collaboration of planning between CAB and the Multicultural and International Student Affairs (MISA). According to, it will be “a night filled with music, dancing, and mystery.” Coleman explained that the Masquerade Ball will also be a costume party, and students have the opportunity to dress up in Halloween costumes if they want to.

For more information about the Campus Activities Board or Halloween activities contact or call 985-549-3805.

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