CAB succeeds at semester events

Hosting events takes lots of preparation, but the Campus Activities Board has it all figured out! With events nearly every week, the Southeastern CAB organization provides ample opportunities for students to get involved on campus!

CAB hosts various events each semester such as movie nights, game nights and stress-relievers for Southeastern students, and the organization seems to be doing very well for the spring 2018 semester.

So far this semester, CAB has hosted 11 events including guest speakers, a silent disco, games of bingo, movie nights, adulting workshops and midterm stress relief events for Southeastern students. CAB President McKenzie Tolson says she thinks they have been successful thus far.

“Our attendance at these events is increasing,” she said, “so in our planning for next year we are taking that into consideration.”

To name all of the events held thus far by CAB:

  • Rudy Francisco guest speaker
  • Silent Disco night
  • Springo Bingo (twice)
  • Adulting 101 (twice)
  • Mardi Gras King Cake Parade
  • Showing of “Remember the Titans”
  • Capture the Flag
  • Donut Stress
  • Showing of “The Greatest Showman”

Tolson says her favorite of these many events was the showing of “The Greatest Showman” because she loves the movie and loves having the opportunity to share it with other students.

Other students such as nursing major Vincent Ton have also voiced their praises for this event saying they were really interested in seeing the movie and that they were thankful for CAB showing it.

Among other favorite events were the King Cake Parade where students received free king cake as CAB and Student Publications golf carts rolled around campus.

“It got me in the Mardi Gras spirit,” sophomore communication major Grace Butzman said, “and I can’t turn down free king cake.”

CAB committee members also shared their voices on their favorite events so far this semester. Ranging from Springo Bingo to Capture the Flag, the committee members said there is more student engagement with the events which makes them all the more enjoyable.

“Even though the weather was bad [for Capture the Flag], we were still able to get a great turnout of the student body to come and participate” CAB committee member Noilen Gonzales said. “The feedback from the players were very positive and I could see the joy and excitement on their faces when they were participating.”

Executive board member Megan Blomquist says her favorite activities thus far are either the King Cake Parade or Springo Bingo event.

“I felt the students were very engaged and enjoying themselves,” she said. “The King Cake Parade was full of spirit and kindness and Bingo was full of laughing and friendly competition.”

Tolson also said that the organization is very grateful for being able to host these events.

“We would like students to know how much we love being able to plan events for them and that we are constantly looking for ways to make our events better,” she said. “We hope that shows every semester!”

With the success of this semester so far, Tolson said she is looking forward to the upcoming events that CAB will be hosting.

“I am most looking forward to Puppy Pawlooza next week,” she stated. “I am so ready to play with some cute puppies.”

Besides playing with puppies during Puppy Pawlooza, CAB has several other events planned for the remainder of the spring semester. These events include:

  • Adulting 101 (twice)
  • Pool Tournament
  • Strawberry Jubilee
  • National Flower Day celebration
  • Movie showing of “Jumanji”

To learn about the upcoming events, CAB’s website has a calendar schedule of which events will take place, where they will be held and when they will happen. Visit CAB’s website at for more information.

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